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A trip to Dubai How much will it cost you for a week?

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene.

A trip to Dubai could be fascinating. One must run out of time and choice to select the things to do in here.  Dubai is known for its attractions like the huge malls, the Burj Khalifa, the Museum and so much more. However, one of the most popular activity is the Dubai Desert Safari which is a complete adventure on its own. If you’re an adventure lover, the desert safari is all you need. However, you don’t have to stop there you could have even more adventure by doing the Dubai tour. You could visit the marvelous shopping malls, the fantastic underwater zoo, the amazing aqua venture water park.



However, it cost to go to one of the most luxurious cities in the world. The cost depends entirely on your preference. There are flights from all international airports in India to Dubai, the average price for a plane ticket is 12 000$ in the economy. Hotel rooms vary from 3000 per night to no limit, meaning there are a million dollars rooms for ten days.
Regarding the cost there’s many desert safaris, depends on your chosen package the price can go from 14$ to 95$ per person, knowing that tickets are less expansive weekdays.

A trip to Dubai for a week is not cheap, but be sure that you won’t regret it. Click here to get more information about dubai tour and trips in cheap prices.

When is the best time to travel to Dubai?

Have you been to Dubai to visit? It's true that a trip could be determined or concluded by the refreshing weather or nasty atmosphere or the Dubai Desert Safari. To solve the question and make your trip to Dubai an excellent also relies on your aims and objectives. 

Will you be traveling down to this country because of vacation and sightseeing or strictly business? Assuming it's a fun time, you have to work rigorously, and your body deserves some vacation. Then it would help if you considered some essential factors. 


It is no more a new gist or information that Dubai only experiences two major seasons, which is from exclusive summer and the other one I called " Extremely hot." Though they experience winter too, which give many people a choice when determining the right time to travel to this country.


However, since many people knew this clue, you can expect many tourists are flocking the great city of Dubai in multiple folds. Although, you can expect the lesser tourists during the extreme season. Though it should be noted that high temperature is another barrier you must be willing to shoulder during your visit. In conclusion, while having the season fluctuations in mind, a period of five months within (November towards April), is considered perfect for the unit.


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What is preferred to wear for a desert safari in Dubai?

Dubai is considered to be the warmest city with an average annual temperature of 32.9 °C (91.2 °F) as reported by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Especially in the areas like Desert Safari, where Ultraviolet (UV) rays radiated by sunlight reaches directly making the area warm enough to sustain. Therefore, it is preferred for the tourists/visitors to wear the following things before visiting desert safari, Dubai.


Sun glasses


It is essential to keep sunglasses with you if you are planning to attend desert safari, as ultraviolet radiations of sunlight can be harmful to your eyes can severely affect your eyesight. Moreover, as the desert is a sandy land, it can hurt you a lot in case if sand particles enter into your eyes. Sunglasses acts as a protective shield between your eyes and sunlight radiations and it obstruct dust particles from coming into your eyes.


Loose & Light Cloths


We remarkably prefer for the tourists to wear loose and light clothes that could give them comfort even in the desert area. Materials like sleeveless shirts with an upper made of light fabric, soft trousers or loose pants can be a better option for a visit at desert the safari, Dubai. In order to protect your skin from getting sun tanned, full sleeves shirts made up of any soft and cool fabric such as linen, lawn or cotton are highly recommended for a trip to desert safari in Dubai.



Sun Hat -Sun hats provide shade to your face that helps you protect your face from getting sun tanned or from any skin infections that can cause by ultraviolet radiations of sunlight plus it protects your head from direct sunlight radiations otherwise it can result in severe headache and can spoil your entire day out in desert safari, Dubai.

Desert boots or Slippers


Those people who are so conscious about their skin complexion should wear desert boots or adequately covered shoes that can help protect their foot from getting tanned. Although it gets a little irritating and uncomfortable when sand particles get enters in your shoes, to avoid this problematic situation you can use slippers or open shoes also, as an alternate option.

Above preferred safety measures and some little precautions can help you a lot in making your trip to desert safari, Dubai the safer, comfortable and protective one.


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Overnight Safari

Expand your heritage experience with Desert Safari in Dubai experience overnight at our camp. Take a step back in time and experience the Dubai Desert Safari. Your professional guide will accompany you on an impressive trip to wherever you go.

As guests, we show cultural activities such as henna, music, dancing, baking, and preparation of Arabic coffee, before enjoying a delicious dinner under the stars. After dinner, relax around the campfire and enjoy the starry sky.


Desert Safari in Dubai is an exciting tour that will give you an unforgettable night out in the desert. Dubai has grown as a favorite traveler target in the world. The best time to enjoy a Dubai desert safari is at night when the sun goes down, the heat from the desert runs off, becomes more cooling and more enjoyable. Take a walk to the outskirts and discover beautiful red dunes safari.


Our desert safari tour starts when we select them from their location and take them to the desert with a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4. The first phase of your Arab adventure is an attack session on the dunes. After a stopover and you have cooled down and watched the beautiful scenery of the sunset. Camel can reach the desert camp to the desert boat, get the opportunity to wear a traditional Arabic dress, and for women, our henna expert will love your hands with a beautiful henna design.


 From an Arabian camel to adrenaline in the golden sands, the desert safari in Dubai is unquestionably the highlights of anyone who tour to Dubai. Enjoy over 3 hours of spectacular Red Dune Safari in Dubai's, getting to know the culture of the first inhabitants of the Dubai and Bedouin desert regions and taking part in modern activities such as skiing in the sand. This authentic Desert Safari in Dubai tourist experience enhanced by a visit to Camel Farm, where you can enjoy a 15-minute photo stop and try the sand boarding.


In the morning, wake up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a freshly prepared gourmet breakfast of hand-smoked salmon, caviar, Benedict eggs, a plate of fruit, and more.

After a night with all your adventures, settle under the stars and enjoy the sights and sounds of the night in the desert. Wake up to the sunrise in the desert and enjoy a hot breakfast in the morning.

Camp out in the safari desert to enjoy a night of entertainment and exciting adventures in the UAE. Try the dune attack and camel ride during the day, before enjoying sumptuous authentic meals and traditional performances at night. The cherry on the top is the beautiful sunset over the desert and the sunrise.

Start your Desert safari by driving on dunes in a luxury four-wheel drive vehicle. The attack of the dunes is popularly known in a very animated way an exciting way to enter the spectacular landscape.


A traditional Arab camp awaits you with many activities to try: smoking the aromatic shisha, surfing in the sand or making you henna.

After enjoying a beautiful sunset in the desert, enjoy a delicious 3-course meal while the belly dancer plays traditional music. As the night goes on, a bonfire illuminates the vast Arabian sky, and you kneel to spend the night in a Bedouin tent. Get up in the sun and enjoy a delicious breakfast before heading back to Dubai.


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